Permaculture, cultivation of crops, production of vegan cheeses, desserts and other foods, sustainable construction of accommodations (tree houses), reforestation, compost toilets, regenerative energies and so on. In all these areas we are very pleased for any help we can get. Either spontaneously for a short visit or well planed for a long term stay - as long as there is a free bed we will take anybody who is interested. We made the promise to ourselves that volunteering with us will always stay free. In the future we want to give a bed in a dorm, a kitchen and a common room for free disposal to every volunteer. So far we do not have this infrastructure, unfortunately. Because of that we have to decide individually if and how volunteers can be housed. The supply with healthy, vegan food is of course already a given. We are happy about every single request!:-)

In the future we will also be found at and

Financial Support

Unfortunately it will not work without money. We try to offer our products as cheap as possible so that people from every social status can afford them. This means naturally that our earnings are comparatively small and that we do not have the chance to invest great amounts of money in the project ourselves. Therefore we are very grateful for every single donation - even if it is just a small one. For 3,50 S./ (less than 1$) for example we can buy a plant for our permaculture garden. The more money we can get, the sooner we can increase the production and create a market of vegan foods in Peru.






Ronja Heinemann

Andrés Seidler del Pozo


Jr. Aguaytía MZ 21 Lt 9


Pucallpa, Ucayali



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