Everything vegan, healthy & natural

All our products are 100% vegan, natural and fair! We try do avoid unhealthy ingredients as oils and sugar as much as possible. Only if there is no other way we use these in very small amounts. But still, the part of healthy ingredients predominates so that the small quantity of not-that-healthy ingredients does not carry any weight. How bad can a tablespoon of Panela ("whole wheat sugar") in a chocolate mousse made basically of avocado be? Or a drop of coconut oil in a tart that is made of fresh fruits, nuts and oats? Nevertheless, to improve our desserts, cheeses and other products over time and make them even more healthy without losing any of the taste, we keep developing the recipes and are always happy if we find, during our experimentation an even more healthy ingredient that could replace an ingredient that is a little less healthy.


As well as environmental protection and health issues, social equity is also very important to us. We want to sell our products as cheap as possible in order to give people of every social status the opportunity to buy them. Often the decision between vegan or not vegan, healthy or not healthy is made out of financial interest. We want to antagonize this and therefore enable a healthy, vegan nutrition to absolutely everybody. This means, with our help, there are no excuses!

Production after the cradle-to-cradle-concept

With our production we follow the cradle-to-cradle-concept by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. The cradle-to-cradle-concept demands a circular production instead of a production chain. This means that all used materials have to be either 100% reusable or 100% biodegradable. Because of that we sell our products in reusable containers - preferably made out of glass. When costumers buy any of our products for the first time we charge a small additional deposit for the container. If they bring back the container the next time they order, they save the difference necessary for the deposit. By doing so we want to minimize the impact on the environment and motivate our costumers to recycle and re-use.


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