Andrés Seidler del Pozo, B. Sc. Automotive Engineer

General Manager

I was born in Ecuador and raised in Bolivia, Germany and Peru. Ever since childhood I tried to pay attention to the environment, influenced by my father. Because of that I decided to study automotive engineering. My ambition was to work in the field of biofuels after finishing my studies. After graduating I moved back to Peru and lived and worked at my parents' farm for four years. During this time I had the chance to acquire a great knowledge on agriculture and plant care. Furthermore, my father and me started a project dealing with e-mobility in Pucallpa, in which I work since 2014.


I am vegan since 2016. As far as I can remember I called myself an environmentalist. After watching the documentary Cowspiracy I felt as a hypocrite if I continued consuming animal products. That moment changed my life completely from one day to the other, I keep myself busy with the topic of veganism and read studies regularly or watch videos to stay up to date with the research. Through veganism I finally found a topic that combines my interests for ethics, the protection of the environment and health.

Ronja Heinemann, M. Sc. Environmental Sciences, B. Sc. Physics

General Manager

Shortly after finishing my studies I met Andrés. I was looking for a job to that time and wanted to do something in the field of development cooperation in combination with environmental protection. Unfortunately it was very hard for me to gain ground in these areas because there is always a lack of free positions in the development cooperation and also other careers are way more suitable to the topic than mine were. Because of that I did not have to think twice when Andrés offered me a job in his and his father's project dealing with e-mobility in Pucallpa. Therefore I am in Pucallpa since 2017 and build electric Tuk-Tuks with Andrés and his father.


My environmental consciousness got greater and greater over the years. Even as a child it was important to me to save water and not to litter. Since 2012 I lived as a vegetarian with consideration to the environment and became more and more vegan over time until I finally decided to ditch animal products completely in 2017. I was also very interested in the topic of health and nutrition for a very long time. Because of that, I always try to prepare foods (and sweets!) as healthy as possible. Andrés and I learned quickly that our interests in these areas are nearly the same and decided to establish our own project (Revolución Alimenticia). By doing so we try to inspire more people on the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle.


Ronja Heinemann

Andrés Seidler del Pozo


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Pucallpa, Ucayali



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