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"Food revolution"

V For Vegan - Nutrition without any type of exploitation: the combination of permaculture and vegan food production

Welcome to Revolución Alimenticia! We are a small German-Ecuadorian company based in the Amazon region of Peru. From here we want to revolutionize the world! Or at least the nutrition - to begin with... During the last 50 years the food we eat changed more than in the 12.000 years prior. And the way we produce food is barely natural any more. Animals are exploited in huge industrial livestock farming facilities until breakdown and even the earth itself loses its fertility through now common agricultural practices (monoculture crops in combination with overuse of fertilizer). For us it is hard to understand why most people use our planet's very limited resources in such a careless way (meaning that we are leaving our planet in an increasingly unmanageable condition for future generations) and therefore want to initiate change.


Unfortunately it is not enough to raise awareness about the serious risks and deficiencies plaguing the field of food production. Most of the people already know more or less under what kind of conditions animals are kept and the detrimental effects of modern agricultural practices that use harmful chemicals that seep into the soil and food we consume. However, since all of these procedures happen behind closed doors and people cannot see the repercussions of their collective behavior of such consumption, many decide to look away. It is easier to turn a blind eye and continue living like nothing is wrong instead of questioning these processes and if necessary adopt a new lifestyle.


This is the point where we enter the game. We have developed an innovative concept of food production that on the one hand is consonant with nature because the products come from a permaculture garden and on the other hand provides delicious, healthy food that anybody can afford. Through the abandonment of all kinds of animal products we make sure that the food we produce is not only healthy but also free of animal cruelty. If there is an alternative to your everyday food choices, that tastes as delicious (if not more delicious), is healthier and even cheaper than the original, people will buy it since it is not their priority to cause harm. In this way every single person could contribute to reduce the suffering of the world and its inhabitants simply by its purchase decisions - no matter if the person is conscious about it or not.

Permaculture in combination with sustainable cultivation of foods

The opposite of mono is perma, at least when it comes to agriculture. Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is a concept based on sustainable and long lasting cycles: humans can use nature without exploiting it and have a symbiotic relationship with the environment. This means that as raw materials are taken from the environment they are replenished through a permacultural process. This is not even a net zero gain, but a net positive gain because of a growing humus layer (a very fertile layer of the soil). In permaculture many types of plants are interconnected and support each other exchanging nutrients. This ensures that the soil continues to be fertile usable post-harvest and that the ecosystem is not damaged.


Production of healthy, vegan foods following the cradle-to-cradle-concept

It started as a hobby, but soon we realized that our products can a lot more than just taste good: they contain many healthy ingredients (e.g. fresh fruits, nuts, whole wheat products or beans), are cheaper as compatative foods (for us the social impact is more important than making a huge profit) and are also vegan, meaning that they create a market which so far does not exist in Pucallpa (or even all Peru). To make sure the whole concept is coherent it is important to us that all parts of the production are sustainable. Because of that we use only reusable packaging and buy all needed ingredients we cannot grow on our own land at local markets respecting the season - just to mention a few.


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